The Living Fund

The White Bluff Courtyard BellThe Living Fund is the endowment for the future of White Bluff Presbyterian Church. Through the Living Fund, we can present the good news of Jesus Christ to our community in fresh ways so future generations will come here for worship, for education, for fellowship, and for service. Gifts to the Living Fund are protected forever, but the church uses the proceeds from the investment of those funds to support our missions, programs, and outreach.

What are the advantages of giving to the Living Fund?

Your gift supports the church: Income from the Living Fund (between 4% and 5% of the value of the fund each year) is sent to the church to be used for special needs and growth of the church and its mission. The Living Fund Committee makes recommendations to the Session about the specific needs which the funds will meet.

Your gift remains forever: The money you give will be deposited with the Presbyterian Foundation, and it will be protected forever. Only the proceeds of the fund are used to support the mission of White Bluff Presbyterian Church. If the church should close, the funds (along with all of the other church assets) will revert to Savannah Presbytery to further our church’s mission.

Your gift will grow: The value of the funds deposited with the Presbyterian Foundation grows each year to keep up with or exceed inflation. The fund will have the same power in the future that it has now.

How can you give?

Give to the Living Fund: Write a check to White Bluff Presbyterian Church and note that it is for the Living Fund. Our Financial Secretary will send the contribution to the Presbyterian Foundation and include your contribution on your giving statement so you can receive the tax benefits.

Remember the Living Fund in your will or other estate planning: When you prepare your will, tell your attorney that you want a portion of your estate to be given to the White Bluff Presbyterian Church Living Fund. Or, make the White Bluff Presbyterian Church Living Fund a beneficiary of your life insurance, annuities, IRA, 401(k), or other retirement account.

Encourage memorial gifts to the Living Fund: What better way to honor someone who loves this church than to encourage their friends and family to give the church a gift that will last forever? When you are planning a memorial service for your loved one, or for yourself, designate the White Bluff Presbyterian Church Living Fund as a recipient of memorial gifts.

For more information about the Living Fund, contact the church office at, or speak directly with any member of the Living Fund Committee: Bill Pinson, Conni Connan, Dave Peck, Jere Connan, or Sheila Haworth.