Sunday School

Sunday School for all ages begins at 9:45 a.m. in our Education Building.

The White Bluff Education Building

The White Bluff Education Building

Infants and Toddlers have play time with adults who show God’s love through their care for them.

Elementary-aged children explore the stories of God’s care for them. Caring adults help them engage in activities to understand the stories of the Bible and learn what God’s love for them means.

Middle School and Senior High youth do activities, mission projects, and studies on how God is calling them to live faith in everyday life.

Adults choose between two classes: The Joy Class, led by Bill Pinson, studies Biblical books primarily in a lecture format. The Good News Class, led by Renee Berry, engages in topical studies about faith and belief. You are welcome to sample both of the classes before you join one!

Special needs adults participate in the Just Friends class. They grow together in their faith by singing with the children, supporting each other, and talking about what the love of God and the love of their families and friends means to them. The class is led by Chris Thomas.

All are welcome to join us in deepening our relationship with God and each other!